testing the mobile architectural exploration tool

The Mobile Architecture Exploration Tool

This aspect of the toolkit can be used alongside the activities within the toolkit itself, but can also be used separately by anyone. It aims to be an interactive application that engages the user with the built environment through short architectural tasks.

There are two main aspects of the App.

1)      Exploration: A digital version of the walking/exploring tasks included in the toolkit, with a level of interactivity and accessibility that the toolkit might not otherwise afford. Results from the user, such as times taken to complete the tasks, or photographs of sketches, can be uploaded to the online resource for reflection later.

2)      Tools: These are for use alongside the activities in the Toolkit, including items such as a compass of landmarks, old maps that can be accessed and a device for timing echoes in a particular space.

The application is designed to evoke aspects of architectural thinking and design in a friendly and accessible way. It is presented like that of a sketchbook, hand drawn and unclean, to add to the experience and provide and architectural aesthetic.

yes, my phone is cracked.